tnt unli talk and text talk n text t15

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tnt unli talk and text talk n text t15

You are searching for Unlimited Calls and Texts promos? You are lucky that you land your query here. Here are the unlimited calls and texts promo of Talk N Text (TNT) that are often use by the TNT subscribers nationwide. The promos listed below are open to all TNT Subscribers out there. Your budget ranges from 15, 20, and 100 pesosonly!

List of Talk ‘N Text Calls and Texts Promos:

TNT UNLI Talk and Text 15:
Unlimited calls to TNT/Smart Subscribers good for 24 hours for only 15 pesos. You can call anytime! To register, just key-in T15 and send to 4547.

TNT UNLI Talk and Text 20:
1 day Unlimited Texts and Calls to Talk N Text and Smart Subscribers for only Php20.00. You can use the calls from 10:00PM to 5:00PM. In order to register, just text T20 then send to 4547.

TNT UNLI Talk and Text 100:
Once you are register to T100 you can have Unlimited Texts and Calls to TNT/Smart users nationwide for as low as 100 pesos, the promo will last for almost 5 days of use. You can call from 10:00PM to 5:00PM to your friends. To register, simply text T100 send to it to 4547.

To use the call service of UNLI Talk and Text promo, you are going to use the prefix in order to make your call successful. Simply dial *4547 + 11 digits Smart/TNT Mobile Number. If you dial it correctly, the form may looks like this, *454709485351799.

Sometimes it takes a lot of dials before you can reach your call-mate, it’s because of some reasons like poor signal and critical location, its normal and be patient all the time. Just dial it again!

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